James Bond Island Tours

James Bond Island Tours Overview

You are here, so either you are an ardent 007 fan, or saw that ‘how-is-it-still-standing’ rock structure rising out of gorgeous emerald waters during your current binge and got struck with wanderlust. Scroll away, and prepare to be mesmerised by the picturesque beauty of James Bond Island. Jutting out of the Phang Nga Bay on the west coast of Thailand, Khao Phing Kan is an iconic landmark close to the shores of Phuket. The Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu islands became popular with international tourists when they featured in the James Bond flick, The Man with the Golden Gun.

The islands are a part of the protected marine area of Ao Phang Nga National Park. The nail-shaped limestone cliffs are among Thailand’s top tourist attractions, with thousands flocking to the area to witness nature’s unique craft. Ko Ta Pu is inaccessible to tourists to protect it from collapse. The Phang Nga Bay, islands like Koh Panak and Koh Hong, limestone cliffs, and the exotic flora and fauna offer beautiful views, Instagram-worthy clicks, and refreshing thrills.

Why Should You Book James Bond Island Tour?

The James Bond Island tours are one of a kind. The mesmerizing landscape, replete with pristine waters, secretive caves, lagoons, sandy beaches, and unexplored islands, is a nature lover’s paradise. The adventurer in you gets to indulge in water-based thrills, while the explorer in you can discover the exotic flora and fauna nestled in the mangrove swamps. The reasons to book the tour are numerous, what’s stopping you?

Exotic Flora & Fauna
  • Admire the stunningly unique beauty of the needle shaped Khao Phing Kan and click pictures with it in your best poses.
  • Kayak or canoe through the deep dark caves, mangrove swamps, lagoons, and sandy beaches.
  • Witness the breathtaking views of the Koh Panak and Koh Hong.
  • Learn pearl farming and collect pearls from Koh Naka Noi island.
  • Indulge in exciting rides on speedboats, longtail boats or cruises from Ao Por Pier to Phang Nga Bay.
  • Scuba dive or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Phang Nga Bay.
  • Witness the beauty of ancient paintings at the Khao Khian.

The James Bond Island tour price includes a lunch meal along with snacks, a professional English-speaking tour guide, shared round-trip hotel transfers, transportation, the national park entrance fee, and insurance. The sights included, and the activities provided, differ according to the package selected, so do check the itinerary and choose as per your preferences.

  • Explore the flora of the area on your James Bond Island private tour, which varies from evergreens to shrubs to cactus, cycads and mangroves, with some common species being the Hopea ferrea, the Parkia timoriana, and the Artocarpus lacucha, among others.
  • The fauna is even more diverse, with around 180 bird species recorded in the region. The rare bird species include the Kamchatka leaf warbler, the Von schrenck's bittern, and the brown-winged kingfisher, and so many more. Some mammals found in the park are smooth-coated otters, dusky leaf monkeys and crab-eating macaques. Of the 18 reptile species, clouded monitors and mangrove pit vipers are the most easily spotted.
  • There are 24 fish species, 14 shrimp species, 15 crab types, 16 varieties of manta rays, and several other marine organisms like sharks, blue crabs, mudskippers, and rainbow cuttlefish, among others that reside here. The Ao Phang Nga National Park is home to several endangered species as well, such as the leaf monkeys. There are also records of finless porpoise sightings in the park waters.

James Bond Island Speedboat Tours

Located on the west coast of Thailand, James Bond Island “The Man With the Golden Gun”, or Khao Phing Kan is a pair of islands that is famous for its scenic beauty and photographic opportunities as well as some of the most interesting tours. It is surrounded by stunning emerald green waters that offer the best opportunities for visits to its nearby islands and caves by boat.

James Bond Island Day Tour from Phuket

Enjoy a whole day of fun and excitement with one of the best James Bond Island tours from Phuket by boat. Once here, hop onto your kayak that will await you on the island and go exploring the natural wonders of the island and its surrounding areas. Imbibe the uninterrupted views of the breath-taking beauty of this tropical scenery from the water as you hop from one island to another on a modern ferry boat.

Inclusions:- Visit the world-famous James Bond Island- Kayak tours into the hidden lagoons and caves of the surrounding islands- Tour on a longtail, big, or speed boat- Sumptuous lunch aboard your boat that comprises both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options

James Bond and Phang Nga Bay Day Tour with Kayaking Experience

Enjoy one of the most popular James Bond Island tours as you walk in the footsteps of the world’s most beloved spies. The tour covers some of the most scenically beautiful locales including Panak, Island, Panyee Island, Hong, and Naka Noi Island. You can embark on a kayaking tour from here to explore the magnificent caves, the intriguing mangrove swamps, and the mesmerizing backwaters. Once at Phang Nga Bay, witness the marvellous limestone karsts sticking out of the ocean.

Inclusions:- Hotel pick up and drop off- Trip to Royal Phuket Marina- Speedboat tour to Phang Nga Bay- Sightseeing on Panak Island- Lunch at Panyee Island

James Bond Island Tour from Krabi

Embark on one of the most spectacular James Bond Island day tours that comprise mesmerizing sightseeing tours around the bountiful nature in the tropical gem, as well as some exciting water sports like kayaking or canoeing at Panyi Island. Go for other adventurous activities like snorkelling and swimming to enjoy the bountiful marine life here or simply relax on the white sandy beaches of the island of Puddle Rock.Inclusions:- Hotel pick up and drop off- English and Thai speaking guide- Kayaking and canoeing- Boat transportation to Khao Ping Kan, Panyi Island, Puddle Rock- National Park fee- Lunch

Khai Islands, Phi Phi & James Bond Day Tour from Phuket

Explore Thailand’s beauty on a full day tour of its beautiful islands and beaches by speedboat. Get away from the bustle of city life as you unwind and sunbathe on the stunning beaches of Phi Phi Island. Go swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and witness the most amazing marine life here. From here you can also embark on a short speedboat ride to the nearby Khai islands to soak in the beauty of pristine white sandy beaches. Inclusions:- Pick up from the hotel to the pier- Visit to Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, and Viking Cave- Speedboat ride to Tonsai Bay, Monkey Beach, and Khai Nok Island- Arrival back at the pier and drop off at the hotel

James Bond, Hong Island & Naka Island Day Tour

Make the most of your James Bond Island tours by exploring the abundant natural beauty of Hong Island as you paddle along its waterways. Soak in the stunning greenery here and take the excitement a notch higher by going swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea in warm tropical weather. You can also go for a relaxing stroll along Ice Cream Cave and be mesmerized by the strange stalactite here in the shape of an ice cream.Inclusions:- Hotel pick up and drop off- Arrival at Yamu Pier and speed boat tour to James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay- Kayaking on Hong Island- Lunch at Panyee Island- Visit to the beaches of Naka Noi Island

James Bond & Khai Islands Day Tour

Enter the enchanting world of cinematic history as you visit Khao Tapu, the location where the famous scene of James Bond’s pistol duel was shot in "The Man with the Golden Gun". Glide along as you soak in the breathtaking beauty of Phang Nga bay with a stopover at Panak Island where you can explore its caves and lagoon. Stroll through the quaint fishing village at Panyi Island and head for a relaxed time swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathing on the pristine white beaches. Inclusions:- Hotel pick up and drop off- Visit to Khao Tapu- Boating along Phang Nga Bay- Lunch in Panyi Island

James Bond Island Tours By Longtail Boat

Recreate the best moments from the James Bond thriller 'The Man with the Golden Gun' at the very place where it was shot by embarking on some of the most exciting James Bond Island day tours by long-tail boat. Explore the area’s stunning natural beauty from a kayak or by going swimming or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters here.

James Bond Island Day Tour from Phuket

Visit one of Thailand’s most famous islands by booking the James Bond Island day tours and explore the western coast of the country on a longtail boat. Head to the Monkey Cave Temple to learn about the locale’s religious culture as well as the local lifestyle here. The tour also includes a kayaking experience through stunning caves, lagoons, and mangrove swamps where you can also catch glimpses of unique limestone formations.

Inclusions:- Hotel pick up - Visit to the Suwankuha Temple (Monkey Cave)- Longtail boat ride to Phang Nga Bay National Park- Sea canoeing at Ta Lu Island- Lunch at Panyee Village- English-speaking guide- Drop off at pier for transfer back to Phuket

James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay Day Tour with Sea Canoeing

Take a Thai longboat tour to visit the striking Phang Nga Bay and visit the ancient Suwankuha temple that houses the famous Reclining Buddha. Once on the island, hop on to your kayak and go for a cruise through the lush tropical beauty of its dense mangrove forests or swim in the hidden lagoons as you witness some of the most spectacular rock and limestone formations here. Capture your best moments by clicking pictures on this island famous for some memorable scenes of a James Bond movie.

Inclusions:- Hotel Pick up and drop off- Longtail boat ride to Phang Nga Bay- Visit to Suwankuha temple- Kayaking - Tour of Khao Phing Kan by longtail boat- Lunch at Panyee Island

Activities To Do In James Bond Island

The James Bond Island and its vicinity of the Phang Nga Bay offer various water-based activities for the adventurous traveller in you. You can sail on the calm waters in cruises, speedboats, longtail boats, kayaks, canoes, or even a Chinese junk boat. One can also explore the alluringly dark caves, or snorkel and scuba dive to your heart’s content. The crystal-clear bay waters present a refreshing escape from the real world. Explore the natural landscape of the islands, take relaxing strolls on the sandy beaches, discover secrets hidden gems in deep caves, and experience the wilderness of the mangroves forests as you discover the famous Island.


From a luxurious cruise to a traditional longtail boat and the modern speedboat, sailing around James Bond Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. James Bond Island tours from most operators include sailing, and you can also hire local facilities once you reach the Phang Nga Bay. The limestone towers, due to their asymmetrical structure, are prone to collapse - hence sailing too close to them is not allowed. You can also get meals as you sail through the pristine waters.

Price - Longtail boats, which can carry up to ten people, cost between THB 1,500 to 2,000 (INR 3,341 to 4,454).


Kayaking is offered at specific sites as part of the James Bond Island tour, and you can also opt for kayaking through the region on your own to experience the beauty of the sights. You can enter the numerous small caves dotting the landscape on the kayaks, and also explore the island beaches. One can even witness the beautiful view of the sun setting on the horizon while paddling on the kayaks.

Price - Kayaking costs approx. THB 1,500 (INR 3,341) for adults and THB 1,200 (INR 2,670) for children below twelve years.


Canoeing is another activity on offer, and much like kayaking is offered for specific sites of James Bond Island. One can relax, enjoy the enthralling views, indulge in scrumptious meals and take dips in the cool water of the island. Canoeing into the caves and lagoons is also popular, as is exploring the sandy beaches of the various islands. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones as you explore the area.

Price – Combined with swimming in the waters and lunch, canoeing costs around THB 4,000 (INR 8,900).

Scuba Diving

The beautifully pure waters of the Phang Nga Bay can charm the hidden scuba diver out of the most amateur travellers. The exotic marine life residing in the waters ranges from beautiful coral reefs to many rare fish and crab species, like the blue crab and the rainbow cuttlefish. The water temperatures are comfortably cool, and the bay is shallow too - guaranteeing a safe yet unforgettable experience even for first-timers.

Price - Combined with canoeing and lunch, swimming in the bay costs around THB 4,000 (INR 8,900).

Places To Explore On James Bond Island Tour

James Bond Island is the central highlight of your tour, along with the Phang Nga Bay. But is it the only spot you should look forward to when you visit here? Nope! The bay has several picturesque natural attractions for travellers seeking a peaceful, and relaxed time. There’s so much to discover, that a day might not feel enough to explore the entire region. From caves shaped like ice cream cones to pearl farms and white beaches to ancient art, a James Bond Island tour package can and does include wonders you have never seen before.

Panak Island

The Koh Panak, or the Panak island, offers stunningly beautiful stalactites, lagoons, caves, and rocks so soft that limestone and minerals ooze from them. The caves, created by tidal flows, are the island highlights, with the most popular ones being Khang Khao, Ice Cream, and Gong Gang Caves. Most caves are accessible by kayaking or canoeing, but some are at higher levels - so you need to rock-climb to explore them. From the entrance to the exit tunnels, the small mangrove trees and mesmerising waterfalls leave tourists spellbound. The best way to witness this alluring island beauty is through a boat tour.

Famous For: Khang Khao, Ice Cream, Gong Gang, and many more uniquely-shaped caves.

The Mangrove Forest

The Mangrove forests of the Phang Nga Bay are projected as part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park and are among the many refreshing sights offered by the James Bond Island boat tour. A hub of exotic flora, one can enter the forests while kayaking or canoeing through the various spots of the island. The trees rising right from the Phang Nga Bay’s salty waters are spread over the entire area of the National Park, creating an incomparably fertile region amid sandy beaches and briny waters.

Famous For: Exotic flora and fauna, including rare endangered species.

Hong Island

Koh Hong, or Hong Island, is among the best stops on the James Bond Island boat tour and can be accessed from Krabi and Phuket. The magnificent scenery of an expanse of white sand on the banks of turquoise waters is perfect for swimming and simply basking in the sun. The tranquil paradise is visited by longtail boats and speedboats. The crystal clear water promises splendid views of marine life and is known as an ultimate snorkelling destination. The Hong Lagoon is a major attraction with its limestone cliffs and pristine waters and is a must-visit when on a James Bond Island private tour.

Famous For: The Hong Lagoon and white sandy beaches.

Naka Noi Island

A James Bond Island boat tour speciality, the Koh Naka Noi is a small island in Phang Nga Bay. Known as the ‘Pearl Island’, the Naka Noi is unique in its own way - it has rare South Sea pearls, which are cultivated on the tiny island. The Pearl Farm has the adequate conditions for the cultivation of gorgeous pearls. A typical tour of the island includes a tour of the pearl farm, with a live demonstration of how the radiant pearls are extracted from the oysters. You can also purchase pearls of all sizes from the local shop on the island.

Famous For: Pearl farming.

Phang Nga Bay

The centre of the James Bond Island tours, the Phang Nga Bay, is home to numerous limestone cliffs, caves, mangroves, sandy beaches, salty lagoons and a history spanning across thousands of years. The endless flow of tourists, generally on James Bond Island private tours, has created a flourishing local economy of natives offering local artefacts and Thai cuisine specialities to travellers. With the Ao Phang Nga National Park protecting the delicate natural life of the bay, the pristine emerald waters are a hub of activity throughout the year. From kayaking to sailing, the serene bay offers peace and relaxation like nowhere else.

Famous For - James Bond Island and Ao Phang Nga National Park

Khao Khian

Khao Khian is as much a traveller’s spot as it is the dream destination of history buffs. The ancient mountain, overlooking the Phang Nga Bay, has a long history. Voyagers, since prehistoric times, took refuge in the large mountain in sea storms. The limestone marvel has several prehistoric artworks of men, along with dolphins, monkeys, and other animals, which can be seen at the foot of the mountain a few metres above sea level. The Thai Fine Arts department has dated the drawings as 3,000 years old. The art is believed to be the creation of the people who lived on the land near the mountain before sea levels rose, and also of seamen who escaped the monsoonal winds and rains.

Famous For - 3,000-year-old prehistoric art.

Know Before You Go on James Bond Island Tour

If you have a James Bond Island Tour package booked, your operator would generally provide pick-up and drop facilities directly from the hotel you would reside at. If you wish to reach the island on your own, here is a guide to begin the best James Bond Island tour.

Essential Information
How To Reach
Visitor Tips

Location: James Bond Island is located 25 kilometres north-east of Phuket in the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.

Best Time To Visit: The ideal time to take a James Bond Island Tour is from November to February as the waters during these months are calm and cool. It is better to avoid visiting during the summer months due to extreme heat, and during the monsoon due to heavy rains.

  • From Phuket:You can take a boat for your James Bond Island tour from Ao Por Pier. A regular longtail boat generally costs between THB 1,500 to 2,000 (INR 3,341 to 4,454) and carries ten people. A private longtail boat is priced at THB 8,000 to 10,000 (INR 17,800 to 22,288), while a six to eight-seater speed boat costs THB 1,800 to 2,800 (INR 4,200 to 6,300).

  • From Krabi:You can take water transportation from the Krabi Beach, which will tour you a few places before dropping you off at the James Bond Island. This route is 80 kilometers longer than the Phuket route. One needs to book the Krabi tour a day in advance.
  • Carry an extra set of clothes as there are many water-based activities in a James Bond Island boat tour. You would also need a waterproof bag to carry all your personal belongings – cannot risk getting all the stuff wet, right?
  • Carry extra snacks and beverages along. Also take your water bottles along, as the place gets hot and humid during the day.
  • Electronic equipment, like mobile phones and cameras, need to be carried safely, as the entire tour involves contact with water.
  • Take along some extra cash to buy some souvenirs for yourself from the numerous local shops.
  • Carry your ID for entrance to the National Park. Also, don’t forget to take your medical documents and items.

James Bond Island Tour FAQs

How much does James Bond Island Tour cost?

James Bond Island Tour can cost anywhere between 1650 THB and 2168 THB, it all depends on your package that you choose.

Can I book my James Bond Island Tour online?

Yes, you can book your James Bond Island Tour online with us at best deals and discounts.

How much time do we need to fully explore James Bond Island?

A relaxed James Bond Island tour package ideally needs an entire day. You can choose to travel by cruise, longtail boat, or speedboat. Once in the region, you can explore the islands, caves, lagoons, and the bay waters. Take a walk on the sandy beaches of the Koh Hong, Koh Panak, and Naka Noi islands, kayak or canoe into the deep caves of the limestone cliffs, sail on lagoons like the Hong Lagoon, and scuba dive and snorkel in the Phang Nga Bay waters. One can also sunbathe on the beaches, swim in the waters, or relax on the boats while admiring the refreshing views.

How much distance is Phuket to James Bond Island?

The distance between Phuket and James Bond Island is approximately 25 kilometres.

Do we need to book the James Bond Island tour in advance?

While the James Bond Island tour can always be purchased in person, booking it in advance is the easiest and most hassle-free way to travel. One can skip the last-minute rush by pre-booking, and early birds can also get steep discounts, making your tour as budget-friendly as possible.

Are we allowed to take photos while sightseeing?

Yes, you can click photographs throughout the James Bond Island tour at no additional cost. Remember to take your cameras along and click pictures of a lifetime!


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